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Does art add value?

When we think of someone who adds value to society, we think of a doctor, a baker, a seller of basic necessities, a dentist, a pharmacist … Or if we go to services, perhaps an architect, a lawyer, a teacher…

And if you are an artist, you will ask yourself, does my art add value to society? How am I helping make this world better?

Actually, you don’t have to worry, because there really are needs that art (any type of artistic expression) satisfies.

This world is very difficult, life is full of struggles and routine, and the human being needs to escape, flee temporarily from daily stress. And here art plays a fundamental role. Fiction takes us to other worlds, it makes us disconnect.

In addition, beauty generates endorphins in the brain that makes us feel good. A work of art, a photograph, a watercolor, a well-told novel … not only transports us to another world, idealistic and beautiful, it also produces physiological effects on the brain that make us feel good.

Our body is programmed to feel pleasure in the face of beauty, but also in the face of what surprises us. Therefore, not every work of art has to be beautiful to have an effect on us. There are artistic expressions that objectively could be classified by many as ugly or obscene, but they fascinate and shake us (although there is nothing written about tastes, each one will be affected differently by the same work).

So calm down, don’t start to rethink whether or not you are contributing something to the world, because you are improving the lives of many people just with your creations. Think of a television show or a movie. Think of the thousands of people who enjoy them and are hooked on them. And now you will understand why I say, yes, art improves people’s lives because it entertains them, gives them pleasure, and even makes them think, reflect, meditate…

Fountain with the sculpture of a child pouring water with an Arab wall in the background and a palm tree
Art produces endorphins in our brain that makes us feel pleasure

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