Visual Artist and Writer. Fine Art Photography. Feel the magic of fantasy, the epic and the majestic, mystical and spiritual awe.

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Francisco González SOLEMNITY

If I had to summarize my work in a single concept, it would be to make people feel intense emotions, transmit a feeling of greatness, majesty, be amazed at the sublime, the elevated, release endorphins before the beauty and magic that leave you speechless and they make you dream, that point of extreme happiness that we all yearn for.

For that, I make use of photography, new technologies and words, to create art that is capable of moving emotions and provoking feelings.

Born in a small town of only 20,000 inhabitants called Marchena, in the south of Spain, in the mid-1980s, I was always absorbed into the field of art and fiction. I grew up influenced by the cultural intensity of my environment, centuries-old historical monuments, traditions lived with great passion such as Holy Week and the fair. Traveling a lot and absorbing a little of everything. One of the events that impacted me the most was Expo ’92 in Seville.

Back in 1999, when I was 14 years old, I managed to get hold of a camcorder and a video capture device to make montages on my PC. After finishing some studies in which we saw image and sound, and prepared a karaoke that was very successful, I did an internship at the local television station RTVMarchena and for several years I attended photography classes at the Alfonso Fraile School of Arts taught by Antonio Calle whom I have much to thank.

Currently, I do photo shoots locally, I sell photo prints online in my Etsy shop, and I am preparing several other services.

Francisco González SOLEMNITY
Francisco González SOLEMNITY. Visual Artist and Writer

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