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28 February, 2023

Day of Andalusia

Today February 28 is the day of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, a region in the south of Spain. Flamenco, history, architecture, good weather, lots of festivals and culture, beautiful landscapes-sea, land and snow-, flora and fauna, exquisite cuisine, and best of all, ITS PEOPLE.

Alhambra of Granada
Port of Cádiz

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14 February, 2023

Orange trees already starting to blossom

If something characterizes the Andalusian Holy Week, it is the fragrance of orange blossom in its streets, full of orange trees -which give sour orange. The beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday, is almost synchronized with the appearance of the first orange blossoms. Azahar is a word of Arabic origin, az-zahr, which means “white flower“. In my portfolio I have a photo gallery of the Marchena orange blossom.

Will they give this year clementines?

However, just 47 days before Holy Week, all the streets are still under construction. Will the works be finished on time? We will have to ask María del Mar Romero Aguilar, mayoress of Marchena. The route of the Three Kings parade had to be changed, and it did not end well.

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13 February, 2023

Carnival, carnival

Although in other places in Andalusia there is a strong carnival tradition, standing out the famous carnival in Cádiz, in Marchena nothing has ever been done. In recent years, activities have begun trying to bring about a carnival tradition here in the town.

I was not able to film the carnival parade this past Saturday, February 11, so I leave here the one made by TVMarchena about the parade and subsequent activities in the Auditorium of the Princess.

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12 February, 2023

The only secret to understanding people is to really care about them.

The universe is full of signs, you just need to know how to see them.

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9 February, 2023

Blind Faith

31 January, 2023

Why fight? Greatness hurts the most

“The best revenge is massive success” – Frank Sinatra.

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27 January, 2023

Some day…

19 January, 2023

About Miss Universe 2022…

The last edition of Miss Universe was held this past Saturday, January 14, 2023. The only remarkable thing was the moment in which they participated in the Joan of Arc parade:

And the intro, if we don’t take into account the contestants screaming, had great music by Big Sam’s Funky Nation (on trombone) and Amanda Shaw (on violin):

Alicia Faubel representing Spain did wonderfully. She reached the TOP16. Venezuela should have been the winner, you just have to see her dancing and smiling in the Final Look, and her custom cape was about the fight against child abuse, just with that she already had me.

My favorite is still Clémence Botino from the previous 2021 edition. I mean, just look at her:

Updating to add the Final Look:

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18 January, 2023

Always focus on what you can control, not what depends on others

It is the only way to have control over your life. If you don’t depend on other people, they can’t subdue you. Put your attention on what depends on you, ignore what others do, it doesn’t deserve your attention. It is the only way to avoid being made to live on your knees.

As Emiliano Zapata said: “I’d rather die on my feet than always live on my knees.”

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13 January, 2023

Test Prints Received

They look great, the quality surprised me. It looks much better in person than in the photo. There are already some available in my store, I will gradually add more. I’m also trying to fix the web speed issue.

fine art photography prints

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29 December, 2022

Can we talk about how awesome Clémence Botino is?

Born on the French island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean sea, this authentic, cheerful and charismatic girl, an art history student, was crowned Miss France 2020 and got to the TOP10 of Miss Universe 2021.

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