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Meaning of life is to transcend and elevate as much as you can.

Bright particles float around me. An airstream starts inside the room. The sparkling dance transforms itself into an energetic vortex that revolves around me. The intensity increases progressively so much that I have to close my eyes and then, suddenly, total darkness. A slight incandescence radiates from the crystal located in the center of the altar. A mixture of sulfur and incense saturates my senses. I lose my knowledge and in my delirium a carousel of shapes and colors make me company. A luminous explosion, a lightning bolt, brings me back to something similar to reality, if it were not for the fact that I am floating in front of the crystal, now more luminous than ever. An incandescence of an intensity surpassed only by the sun. Provoking an eardrums-damaging explosion a ray comes out of the crystal aimed at me. My transformation begins.


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