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15 April, 2022

She is magic

8 April, 2022

I still cannot wrap my mind

It’s absurd to have wasted 7 years trying to grow social networks because all the “experts” in “digital marketing” told me that this was “what I had to do” and that “it’s a long-term race, if you keep posting everyday one day it will happen and your grow will rocket”. And f***, the only thing that has happened is that I have ended up burned out, with immense stress, ruined health, and lost time that I will never recover, in addition to having made me neglect my website that was a monthly expense. All because of the damn algorithms. Of course I sent them to hell and deleted them all (except YouTube of course, but I’ve never considered it a social network, and I don’t understand why people see it that way).


6 April, 2022

Artists get depressed when they are not creating

This is something that I just learned although I have always intuited it. When I’m not creating something and being creative, I get into depression, which makes it more difficult for me to want to create something, and I go into a general apathy that doesn’t let me do anything in my life. This explains a lot of things.

There is a very good book called “The Van Gogh Blues” by author Eric Maisel that deals specifically with this topic.

Starry night in the night sky of the city of Marchena


27 March, 2022

New framed photo prints avaliable in the shop

The variety of artistic photography frames available in the store will gradually increase.

Click on the photo to enter.

Online store of spectacular framed artistic photography prints


22 March, 2022

My favourite game from my childhood

Prince of Persia. I was obsessed. I remember playing in the streets imagining that I was the prince. What a good times!

“The princess awaits…”


18 March, 2022

Beautiful things

One day I will publish a video showing my entire work equipment, my office and my photography studio, and I will show how I work and my creative process.

Some of my photographic equipment: Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, handheld flashes, batteries and filters.


28 February, 2022

Strolling around Marchena

I’ve uploaded a new video. Still learning.

Watch in HD 1080p.


26 February, 2022

It is not hard

You just lack practice.


15 February, 2022

The butterfly effect

“Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” – Chinese proverb.

Purple butterfly at the Science Park of Granada
Butterfly with eyes in the wings in the Science Park of Granada, Spain.


10 February, 2022

When you go for something relentlessly you finally get it

I finally found what was wrong with me. I was extremely contractured, in neck, back and hips. I’m going to physical therapy and it’s working. Although there are still many sessions to go little by little it is coming out.


25 January, 2022

In love with the Final Look from Miss Universe 2021 (Updated)

‘Hallelujah’ sang in english, arabic and hebrew. A song with a deeper meaning of unity and fraternity among all religions.

Morocco has participated for the first time in 40 years.

Mi favorite: France.

Full show:

Rest in peace Cheslie…


21 January, 2022

Do what you please

Be yourself. There is nothing more valuable than authenticity. Instead of doing things according to whether others would like it or not, or according to whether or not it will work, or according to whether or not it will look good or bad… do them because you want to and because you feel like it and nothing else.


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