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A name with lots of history. And a castle! Morón de la Frontera

During the roman empire of the Iberian peninsula, the city of Morón de la Frontera in Seville (Spain) was called “Maurorum” which is the Latin for “of the moorish” because that was the population then. When the moors ruled the name evolved to “Mawror” and after the christian reconquest it became the actual name “Morón”. “De la Frontera” (“Of the Border”) refers to the border with the kingdom of Granada in year 1240.

The church of San Miguel (Saint Michael) of Morón de la Frontera was built after the collapse in 1503 of an older medieval temple, which also replaced a mosque, whose minaret is the current bell tower of the church.

The old castle, of arabic origin, stands majestically on top of the hill. 

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