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The mysteries that the darkness hides can only be discovered by the inhabitants of the night.

Has this happened to you too? It was very late at night and I’m still not sure if it was real.

Maybe it was one of those nightmare dreams that happen right in that period of doze closer to delirium than to reason. I was about to go to bed after working all night and suddenly a sharp noise almost stopped my heart. At this time of year the buildings creak due to the change in temperature. “That must have been,” I said to myself, and continued with my thing.

Still, I could not get rid of that terrible uneasiness, and the fact that my parrot was more anxious than usual did not help at all. He seemed to want to get out of the cage, as if wanting to escape from a dangerous predator. I finished brushing my teeth and went to my bedroom when suddenly my attention was focused on the chair. The usually normal, typical, boring chair now had a sinister appearance. I analysed it thoroughly and did not find anything strange, but it was different. It looked the same, but I FELT it differently. I don’t know how to explain it. In fact, I do not even know if it can be explained because it’s something that escapes reason. I did not sleep that night and since then my life has not been the same.

Have you also felt a supernatural experience sometime in your life? If so I’d like to know, tell me in the comments.

You never know who else could be living with you

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