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Writing a strategic content plan

When we have a personal brand, and we have no experience, the first thing that comes to mind is to go all out, improvising content that we come up with.

But to develop a truly consistent brand that connects with the public, and that you can maintain over time, without getting lost or losing interest, you need a content strategy.

It is possible that at first you feel lost, you do not know what to do or what type of content to create. Don’t worry, start creating whatever comes to your mind, and over time you will find out what it is that best suits you and makes you special. Don’t try to be perfect, practice makes you perfect.

So take a notebook and a pen, or open a text document, and start brainstorming, drop everything that comes to mind, any idea that comes to mind, without judging it, and from there, establish an editorial calendar, a style that you will apply to the content, the message that you will transmit, the places where you will publish it, and when you will do it.

The most interesting of all is working by project. Think of each topic as a collection of content, which you will distribute through different media, each one adapting it to that medium (a blog post is not the same as a Facebook post, a Twitter, an Instagram story, a TikTok or a Youtube video). But despite being so different, if you think about creating a project for each topic you want to publish, in which you develop different pieces of content, everything will be more coherent, and it will be much easier for you to create said content.

Another trick I would like you to consider is batch creation. Instead of creating a single project at once and publishing it, create many projects in a row at the same time, and schedule them in time, on a calendar, to be published at a future date. That way you will have it done, you will have a record of when you are going to publish each piece of content, and you will not have to worry all the time or work like crazy.

I am preparing a project called “Transmutation Challenge”, in which I am showing my progress in a personal improvement transformation process. One way to ensure that you are going to fulfill your purposes is to make your intention public, so that if you do not fulfill it, you look bad. That motivates you more to do it and comply with it.

In addition, in my content planning I am also including the style (branding) in which I will edit each publication, which will be consistent with the brand that I am establishing.

Just as important is planning what NOT to do. If you have a bad habit of sharing content that is not consistent with your message, it is important that you avoid it, and that you include these requirements in your content plan.

Writing in a notebook with a pen a strategic content plan
Planning my strategic content plan

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